Read this quick guide on How to Choose skis before you start browsing Ski Buyer for low price skis.

If you’ve got a ski trip planned then it’s time to start thinking about what type of skis you will need. To help you get it right this guide will take a look at the many options available to you when in the market for a new pair of skis. As picking the right pair is very important and can make or break your skiing experience this guide on how to choose skis should prove invaluable. The two main things to consider when choosing your skis are what level of skier you are and in what conditions you intend to do most of you skiing.

Beginner’s Skis

These are great for people who are just starting out and would consider themselves beginners or fairly new to the sport. They tend to be made from the same materials as regular skis but are shorter in length to make turning and stopping easier: two manoeuvres that are very important for the beginner to be able to master quickly! As well as being shorter they are often lighter and a bit softer which also helps the user control them better and in turn have more say in where they are going when hurtling downhill at high speeds.

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All Mountain Skis

Once you feel more confident on the slopes and can handle yourself on a pair of beginner’s skis the next step up is to get your feet into a pair of all mountain skis. These skis are still easy to turn with when compared to the beginner’s skis but are much more versatile in terms of the different types of slope they can be used on. How to choose skis -All mountain skis are equally at home on ice, light powder or well-groomed runs so if you don’t have the budget or desire to buy a different set of skis for each of the different types of conditions you might encounter a jack-of-all-trades ski like the all mountain is your best bet.

How to choose skis – Freeride

Once your skiing ability has improved somewhat beyond that of the intermediate and you are at home on the blue runs and are starting to venture on to the blacks then it is time to start looking at freeride skis. These skis excel in the tougher conditions that you previously wouldn’t haven even thought about attempting when you first started out. They are quite versatile in the sense that they will allow a good skier to ride over powder, crud and slush but don’t mistake them for being easy to handle for anyone inexperienced in the art of skiing. In terms of appearance these skis tend to be wider than the all mountain ones so bear that in mind when sifting through the racks for a pair.

Freestyle Skis

If the adrenaline rush of regular downhill skiing is no longer enough for you and you crave a bit of X Games action then a pair of freestyle skis is for you. These ones are lighter and shorter giving you much more control over where you are going and due to their reduced weight won’t prevent you from taking off should you so desire. These skis different from the other types in another way and that is they are not only turned up at the front but also at the back. This design feature is called twin tips and allows the skier to travel in both directions i.e. forwards and backwards. If you are new to skiing down even think about this kind of ski unless perhaps you have a strong snowboarding background. So as you can see choosing the right pair of skis mainly correlates to your level of ability. Once you get beyond the intermediate stage there are more types of skis to choose from such as freeride, freestyle, racing, powder and cross country skis. These more advanced types are tailored for specific environments and abilities but until you reach this level you should find that a pair of beginners skis should suit anyone just starting out and those that are more experienced will be happy with a set of all mountain skis.

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